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New Holland - an American company, a manufacturer of special and agricultural machinery.

A. Zimmerman founded the company NEW HOLLAND in 1895 in Pennsylvania. In the early twentieth century, Zimmerman developed the engine with water cooling, production of agricultural equipment, New Holland started in 1903, which was finally formed by NEW HOLLAND Machine Company. At the company's dealer network covers now more than 160 countries.

Unit New Holland Agriculture is engaged in the production of agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters, loaders); NEW HOLLAND Construction manufactures construction equipment (bulldozers, excavators, rippers, graders, etc.). The distinctive feature of equipment New Holland - its environmental friendliness.

Popular NEW HOLLAND farm equipment models

The most recent sale advertisements for NEW HOLLAND vehicles

$10,200 EUR CAD €10,000 ≈ CA$13,130
Grain harvester
Year 1984-08-08 Mileage Power
France, Fr-47240 Bon Encontre (47 - Lot-Et-Garonne)
6 years at Agriline
$41,820 EUR CAD €41,000 ≈ CA$53,850
Forage harvester
Year 2003-08-08 Mileage Power
Germany, De-48683 Ahaus
6 years at Agriline
$22,950 EUR CAD €22,500 ≈ CA$29,550
Wheel tractor
Year 2005 Mileage Power
Lithuania, Kaunas
$45,900 EUR CAD €45,000 ≈ CA$59,100
Wheel tractor
Speed 24.86 mi/h
Year 2013 Mileage 5730 m/h Power
$7,672 EUR CAD €7,522 ≈ CA$9,879
Square baler
Year 1998-08-08 Mileage Power
Austria, At-3250 Wieselburg Land
6 years at Agriline
$63,030 EUR CAD €61,800 ≈ CA$81,160
Wheel tractor
Year 2011 Mileage 5991 m/h Power
Denmark, Lintrup
$477 PLN CAD PLN 2,200 ≈ CA$614.20
Other electrics spare part
Year Mileage Power
Poland, Zbuczyn
$15,300 EUR CAD €15,000 ≈ CA$19,700
Grain header
Year 2014 Mileage Power
Belgium, Gistel
NEW HOLLAND T 8. 410 №2603 wheel tractor NEW HOLLAND T 8. 410 №2603 wheel tractor
$123,500 UAH CAD UAH 4,770,000 ≈ CA$159,000
Wheel tractor
Year 2018 Mileage 1400 m/h Power
Ukraine, Zhitomirskaya
$36,000 CAD ≈ CA$46,360
Wheel tractor
Year 2007 Mileage 8300 m/h Power
Ukraine, Sumy
$62,000 CAD ≈ CA$79,840
Wheel tractor
Year 2013 Mileage 12060 m/h Power
Ukraine, Kremenchuk
$7,904 EUR CAD €7,750 ≈ CA$10,180
Pickup header
Working width 9.84 ft
Year 2011 Mileage Power
Netherlands, Boekel
price on request
Forage harvester
Year 2014 Mileage 2409 m/h Power
Netherlands, Boekel
NEW HOLLAND D1210 R square baler
price on request
Square baler
Year Mileage Power
Belgium, Avelgem